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Stainless Steel Fabrication, Steel Staircases, Handrails and more in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

We specialize in all types of construction projects from secondary steelwork through to steel handrails, steel staircases, stainless steel & glass solutions. Based in West Yorkshire, we're a highly experienced family business with skills passed down from generation to generation.
Our business is based on precision, flexibility and innovation.

Our commitment to customers is built on a solid foundation.
Precision - Because customers cannot afford rejects and rework, they come to us.

Flexibility - We fabricate large and small quantities in all shapes and sizes. Because customers need a full-service outsource, they stay with us.
Innovation - We invest in training, technology and process improvement. Because we give customers a competitive advantage, they grow with us.
In our website you will find, amongst our other products, steel staircases, steel handrails, stainless steel fabrication, bespoke furniture and an example of a fire escape. >>
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